Does Your Real Estate Agent Deserve Your TRUST?

Most states seek to protect citizens, by imposing specific legal restrictions, and licensing, of those involved, in selling real estate. In addition, individual Multiple Listing Service’s and both, national, as well as state and local realtor organizations, have, even stronger, and more – detailed, specific, Codes of Ethics. When seeking one’s best representation, whether you are a homeowner, seeking to sell your home, or a qualified, potential buyer, searching, for a home, of your own, it’s essential, to hire someone, who you, truly do, and believe, deserves your TRUST. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, review, and consider, using the mnemonic approach, why this is important, and what it means, and represents.

1. Take time; timely: Everyone feels more comfortable, when they perceive, their representation, is fair, focused, and commits, to take the time, and uses his energy, to understand his client’s basic needs, priorities, etc. In addition, don’t clients deserve to expect, well – considered, focused, timely action, and an immediate response to addressing any concern, and answering questions, fully, and honestly?2. Reliable; responsive; reasoning; rationale: Agents often, falsely assume, their clients, automatically understand, what they do, and, therefore, do not make enough effort, to fully explain one’s reasoning and rationale, and how it might benefit the client! If one hopes to earn the trust, he must commit ro doing this, while proceeding, consistently,in a responsive, reliable manner!3. Useful; usable; unique; urge: When, the conversations are both, truly useful, as well as perceived, as such, and someone feels, his agent is urging him, for his benefit (rather than the agent’s self – interest), it’s far easier to earn the trust, one deserves, and needs, for quality representation Why should anyone believe any of these services, and/ or focus, are in the best interest of the client? What unique assets does the representative possess, which are helpful, and usable?4. Smart; solutions; systems; sustainable; strength/ stronger: When one’s ideas are considered to be smart solutions, and his systems, are considered useful, helpful and worthwhile, he begins to gain the confidence of a client. The best way to proceed, is in both a relevant, and sustainable manner, and focus on using the strengths, and addressing weaknesses, proactively, to make one’s position stronger, and more effective!

5. Trends; tact; truth: How an agent explains something, makes a significant difference, in whether, one might listen, and believe! The use of tact, and patience, combined with carefully explaining relevant trends, generally earns trust and admiration. One must never abandon telling the truth, for the sake of expediency!Does your real estate agent, deserve your TRUST? Does he clearly, demonstrate, and prove it, daily?

The Best Way To Sell Your Silver And Gold Coins and Bars

Sure you want the best silver price per ounce, and want to get the best overall gold silver price, but what is the best way to sell your precious metals and get the very best prices you can?

Many people keep asking me the question, “When it’s time to sell, where do I sell my gold & silver”?

More than likely, there will come a time when you want to sell at least some of your gold and silver. So when it’s time to sell, where do you sell it and how do you sell it?

It’s actually easier than you think. Gold and silver have been around for over 5,000 years.

There’s a global marketplace for it and you can sell it at any time you wish. It’s a very liquid investment.

You could pretty much be in the middle of nowhere and be able to easily sell your gold and silver because it’s instantly recognizable worldwide.

The key is… getting the best price when you sell. You can pretty much sell it anywhere at any time… however, if you want to get the best price when you sell, you need to do your homework.

Some brokers will attempt to lead you to believe that since you bought it from them… your only option is to sell it back to them… at the price they choose to pay you for it. Don’t let them trick you. You have options.

Here are some options for selling:

You can sell it back to your local coin dealer. Keep in mind, some of these guys are somewhat similar to used car dealers. To survive in their business, when they are selling to you, they generally need to sell at premium prices.

When they are buying back from you, they need to pay you the very lowest price they can, so they will have enough room to mark it up again and sell it to someone else at a profit.

It’s unlikely that you will get top dollar selling back to these guys however, it is convenient. You can just drive down to your local coin dealer and sell them… and you are done.

You can choose to sell it yourself on eBay, Craig’s List, the newspaper, etc., but it can be tricky. It takes some time to do this and you should know what you are doing before you choose this method.

If you choose to sell to someone locally, you need to be careful, very careful. If you end up selling to the wrong type of person, there is not a lot to stop them from just taking your metals… and perhaps your life.

I have friends who do this and they always try to meet people in the parking lot of the local police station, in a bank lobby, etc., for safety reasons. Obviously this option is not for everyone.

Some of the big dealers allow you to sell back to them. Some pay you decent prices when selling back to them, and others build in all kinds of different discounts that enable them to pay you less than they should.

However, this is a much safer option than trying to sell it yourself.

Just do your research and see who has the best prices and terms. You do not have to sell back to the dealer whom you purchased from.

You should sell back to the dealer who will give you the best price and terms.

You should shop for the best price when you sell… every bit as hard as you shopped for the best price when you purchased.

It’s crazy not to. So many people don’t. Why would you only shop hard when buying, and leave a lot of money on the table when selling?

Typically you will have to pay to ship it to a dealer, and you should always insure the package to more than cover the value, but this is really easy to do.

You simply stick it in a FedEx or USPS box, insure it, and ship it to them. It’s safe and easy. Hundreds of people do this every day. It’s no big deal.

Dealers will usually lock in your price at the time they receive your shipment. They typically don’t lock in the price at the time that you shipped it unless they are paying you far less than they should. It’s common since really.

I should also point out that Preservation Of Wealth (POW), does buy back gold and silver from its members.

In fact, if you are a member, you can even sell back gold and silver that you did not buy from them originally.

The important thing here is… POW pays its members the highest buy back prices that you will find anywhere! No kidding.

You can shop, and shop, and shop until you drop… and you will not find anyone who will pay you more when selling back your metals.

Smart metals buyers pay attention to both the BUY prices and the SELL prices, or as they call it, the “Round Trip”.

If you can buy at the best price… and if you can sell at the best price… you will be miles ahead of the average metals investor who does not have this information.

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